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05.02.2016 в 21:22
CIST Filter 1.813
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Версия: 1.813
Операционная система: Multi-Platform
Зависимые приложения: Google Chrome
Язык интерфейса: Английский

This extension will simplify work with university's schedule. It has filters for subjects, so you can display only specified subject instead of all subjects in schedule.

ATTENTION: This extension is not universal. It works only with NURE schedule, which is available on http://cist.nure.ua

You can save your custom filters and use it later. Filters support regular expressions. All filters work with current content of schedule. It means, that if you have applied some filter, all following filters will be applied on current filtered schedule.

To apply filter on initial (full) schedule, you must reset current filters (by special button in extension) and then apply your filter.

Version: 1.813
- Renamed extension
Version: 1.812
- Fixed errors after browser's update
Version: 1.811
- Fixed error when several active tabs are presented
Version: 1.810
- Update minor version to triple-number value
- Fixed empty line processing when 1st line has no attribute rowspan
Version: 1.8
- Fixed problem with processing empty filter
- Fixed errors on restore when no any subject was saved
- Visual code clean-up
Version: 1.7
- Support regular expressions
- Added user-defined filters
- HTML now is generated instead of show/hide
Version: 1.6
- Subject name now is case insensitive
- Visual code clean-up
Version: 1.5
- Revise script injection on pages
Version: 1.4
- Performance improvements
- Moved all styles to CSS file
- Added disable style for buttons
Version: 1.3
- Added new icons
Version: 1.2
- Fixed multiple links inside 1 subject
- Added disable style for buttons
Version: 1.1
- Implementation was fully revised
Version: 1.0
- Initial version

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